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Richway Professional Biomat
Professional Uses of the Professional Biomat
From chiropractors to massage therapists to athletes, the Professional Biomat can be a healing solution, a revenue stream and a value added service to their clients. Designed specifically for healing tables like those in massage therapist or doctor offices, the Professional Biomat was made to compliment the practices of healers and to help them in ways that, until it's inception, had been impossible for them to imagine.
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The Biomat and Sports

All athletes know that training your body to withstand the punishment that most sports take includes recuperation or regeneration time. Working your body's muscles and playing sports is a non-stop assault on your body's bones, muscles, ligaments, etc. Especially during the playing season, there isn't always time to let your body heal itself before the next game.

The Professional Biomat is one of the most powerful weapons in any athlete's recuperation arsenal. With an hour a day on the Biomat, athletes speed up their regeneration time, giving them an edge over competition not using it. Many athletes use infrared saunas to help with the recuperation process but the Biomat isn't just more cost effective, unlike a sauna, while the athlete is using it, he/she is surrounded by negative ions, improving functions a sauna can't touch.

Professional Sports teams love the Pro Biomat

All athletes strive to be the best at what they do.

With the Biomat, they can gain that edge the right way, the healthy way. The Professional Biomat will help the body of the athlete heal itself faster, while improving bodily functions, repairing muscle, detoxifying the body and improving blood circulation. We've all seen athletes on TV battling colds and flu symptoms while trying to do their best. Preventative care is as important as care while sick. Soreness and body aches that are a natural outcome of continuous workouts are alleviated. Anyone who works out on a regular basis knows that our bodies need time to repair themselves to optimize the benefits of those work outs. And unlike portable infrared saunas, the biomat is easy to use and you don't have to crawl into a tunnel. The Biomat will help your body regenerate faster which means it's easier to work out the next time. For more information on how the Biomat can benefit athletes, please call (850) 348-1541. Military Discount

Healing Uses
Made for Professional Healing

The Professional Biomat is for everyone, but it was made because of the shape of most healing tables. Most tables used by massage therapists, doctors, dentists, acupuncturists, etc are thinner than a twin bed but just as long. For that reason, the Professional Biomat takes it's shape.

But there was more than the shape of the table that Richway had in mind when developing the Professional Biomat. Professionals everywhere are adding Pro Biomass to their waiting rooms, to their practices, as a value added service. Some, mostly massage therapists, acupuncturists, chiropractors and spas are adding the Biomat as a session or service, adding revenue to their businesses.

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